Miss Margaret Courtney, my great-aunt originally opened her business here in 1909 and it has been run by four generations of ladies in my family. I reopened in summer 2008 as Miss Courtney's Tearooms.

We are an independent tearooms specializing in afternoon tea fare, light lunches and breakfasts. We endeavour to capture the feeling of nostalgia associated with 'taking tea'. Expect old fashioned tablecloths, antique chinaware and glistening chandeliers........ ....take some time to 'take some tea' with us.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas countdown!

Miss Courtney's loves Christmas ! We are so excited with all the festive baking arriving to the tearooms....... we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you take some time out to enjoy the slower pace the holidays allow. Thank you for all your support and friendship during 2009.


  1. I wish everyone in Miss Courtney´s a merry christmas... hope you are all well and have a few days to relax and to celebrate with your loved ones!
    I miss all the christmas music and the minced pies yvonne made :) ... and the decoration of course!!!
    best wishes,

  2. We miss you too xx Enjoy your christmas and see you on the new year we hope
    Sandra and Pete

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